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Styal Washroom Services

** Waterless Urinal System              

The Styal Waterless Urinal system has been developed to help save our natural precious resource - water - which is slowly drying up around us. The system turns EXISTING urinals into water-free ones using less water to clean them and in the process saving approximately 62,000 litres of water per year for a single sized urinal.

Our system has been formulated to block urine and offer immediate and long term elimination of unacceptable urine odours, by either destroying the odour or converting it into a more acceptable compound.The mere mention of expensive retrofits or complete changeovers are not mentioned at all with  our system. You just get to enjoy watching how your company does its part to save our environment and our precious water resources. 

Our system can also be adapted to work in other waterless urinal systems. Ask us how!!

Perfect for all businesses, schools, clubs and any company wanting to save on water and associated expenses, whilst not compromising on quality. Businesses are already using it why isn't yours?

ASK US HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS and for an account manager to arrange a free quote.

Urinal & Toilet Hygiene Treatment

Guard your washroom against the risks of bacteria and nasty malodorous smells from urinals and toilets utilising market leading technology

Bacterial Treatment with Sanitizing Service

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